Metal Ore Edit

Metal Ore is obtained by mining a Metal Deposit with a Pickaxe. Metal Deposits have a 50% chance of yielding you Metal Ore, and a 50% chance to yield you Stone.

Metal Ore is used to create Metal in a Clay Furnace.
Screenshot 78

Metal Ore

Metal Edit

Metal is acquired by smelting a Metal Ore and a Charcoal piece in a Clay Furnace. It's main use is to create Metal Plates and to create some End-Game working benches, such as the Metal Workbench. It can be turned into Metal Plates in a Metal Workbench.
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Metal Plate Edit

Metal Plates are created by combining two pieces of Metal in a Metal Workbench. They are used for creating Metal Tools which, as of Version 5 (Drew), are the strongest tools in the game. Metal Plates are also used for creating Metal Poles Gears, and the Metal Sawblade.
Screenshot 80

Metal Plate

Metal Pole Edit

Metal Poles are created with 2 Metal Plates in the Metal Workbench. They have no use as of Version 5 (Drew).
Screenshot 81

Metal Pole

Metal Saw Blade Edit

The Metal Sawblade is made with 2 Metal Plates in a Metal Workbench. Their main, and only use (as of Version 5) is to create the Metal Sawbench.
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Metal Saw Blade

Metal Gear Edit

Metal Gears are made in the Metal Workbench with 2 Metal Plates. They have no use as of Version 5.,