The Autonaut is the character controlled by the player.


W A S D move the camera, click anywhere on the map to send your autonaut there. Use the mouse wheel tozoom the camera in and out.

The Autonaut moves at a speed of 5 m/s.

Currently Deep Water is the only tile blocking his movement, as well as many other obejcts.

Only objects not blocking his path are (May not be complete):

- Trees   

- Bushes

- Basic Workerbots

- Items

- Animals


The Autonaut has a total of 16 Itemslots.

The first 4 of them are used for the item he is currently holding.

Depending on the item type he can carry 1 to 4 items in those slots.

The other 12 slots are accessed by opening the inventory (default: I) and moving the items via drag and drop.