The purpose of this wiki is to document the game of Autonauts to be as detailed and as accurate as is possible with a volunteer editors. What this means in practice is that any particular item, building, or object should have its own separate article as in the context of this wiki it is notable. If it can be documented separately, it should be.

The advantages of breaking apart articles and giving each individual thing in the game its own article is several fold:

  • Allows more participation from more people on this wiki. Adding additional content to a smaller article is much easier to do and more likely to happen than is the case if it is one really huge article.
  • Allows for more details to be displayed. Large articles like the Items article simply can't list all that much information about a single kind of item. Even minor difference between two different items like a Crude Axe vs. Wooden Axe are notable enough that having separate articles to detail those differences is useful.
  • Improves search engine ranking. This may seem insignificant, but a whole bunch of separate pages with specific details actually helps with search engines distinguishing content. If a player wants to do a Google search of "how do I make steambots in Autonauts", it is far more likely to be found as a separate article just about Steam Workerbots than if everything is lumped into one huge article about all of the workerbots. Again, it is those extra details that matter to people trying to find information.

This is not to discourage the creation of articles talking about a whole class of items or buildings either, as those are useful and can be used as a launching point to find information about a specific kind of item. Still, just because a broad article exists, other articles going into depth and giving detailed information about each separate item can and ought to be created too.