This page contains the details of projects that are actively being worked on in this wiki.

Page GuidelinesEdit

New Projects

Discuss new project ideas in the discussions forum, or just add a project you intend to work on below (in its own section) -- clicking the "Add Topic" button (where "Edit" usually is) is the simplest way to do this.

Discussion about Projects

Use the talk page to discuss projects on this page.

Contributing to Projects

You may edit or contribute to any part of a project, though if you wish to change anything major about the project, you should consider discussing it with those who are actively working on the project first.

Todo Lists

See the Template:Todo for how to make todo lists. Keep the todo list tasks fairly general -- better to spend the time actually making changes, rather than listing every tiny change to be made! At the end of an unfinished task description, you may optionally sign your name (using "(~~~)") to indicate to others that you are working on it (or will very soon) - only specify this on a task or two at a time. If you wish to contribute to a task that someone else is working on, try to coordinate with them on their Message Wall (click on the 'talk' link beside their name) first.

If you finish a task, change the template from "-" to "+" and sign your name at the end of the description using "(~~~~)". (3 ~s is just your name; 4 ~s includes the time; 5 ~s is just the time).

Project Completion

Once a project is finished, wait a while to let contributors see that it is fully done, then archive it.


Missing PagesEdit

Each page should contain the current version, an infobox, and a navbox. ex, for an item (filling in '...':

{{Item Infobox
Summary here...
{{Item Navbox}}
  • Also see Special:WantedPages. Note that any page on that list that looks like "Generalstorage" or "Basicworkbench" (note the lack of capitalization and no spaces) is from old Recipe formats -- do not make those pages.
  • ☐ Clothing
  • ☐ Musical Instruments
  • ☐ Many Buildings, see the Template:Building Navbox for red-links
  • ☐ Watering Can along with how it can save dying flowers
  • ☐ Basket, along with using 'z' on it to get clothing out of it

Missing ImagesEdit


Some pages are missing images for their infoboxes; they can be listed here.

Steps for each image

For example, imagine that the Clay Pot was missing its image. To fix this, follow these steps:

  1. Go into the game and put a Clay Pot on an otherwise empty grass tile
  2. Take a screenshot of the Clay Pot
  3. Put the screenshot in Paint (or your editor of choice)
  4. Crop the image to have a bit of the grass tile(s) around the object as a border
  5. Resize the image so that it is around 200 pixels wide
  6. Save the image as ClayPot.png (no spaces or apostrophes and ensure correct capitalization)
  7. Upload the image here.

If you follow these steps, the image will appear in the infobox automatically. If you choose a different name, you will have to edit the infobox and add this line:
(or whatever the file name is)

Missing Images