A Boulder is a naturally generated object found on the top of metal deposit tiles and is a source of stone and metal ore. It prevents buildings from being located on the tile where it is located. Unlike any other object in the game, it can not be removed by player actions.

Productivity Edit

The productivity of mining on a boulder is as follows:

Mining Productivity
Mining Method Duration
Metal Deposit Tile 12 Strikes (4.5 seconds)
Boulder 4 Strikes (1.5 seconds)

This makes mining faster by mining from a boulder rather than directly from the metal deposit tiles. A difference though with mining from a boulder is that a workerbot mining from a boulder will keep mining with infinite stacks of metal ore piling up around the boulder unless its program has some instruction to keep it from mining (like a full storage container). When mining on metal deposits, however, a workerbot will stop if every tile in its radius is currently covered with a piece of metal ore.