It's a brick wall (insightful, I know). But I'm pretty sure it's real use is to slam villagers head first into it because their stomachs won't stay full after literally one minute of doing nothing. When in doubt don't feed the homeless, just imprison within your brick walls, so they can never escape. I'll bet you the villagers are the real enemies here, which is why I throw them in the ocean. Report me for villager abuse. Anyways, enough of the tangent.

Recipe Edit

The Brick Wall requires 3 CrudeBrickIcon Crude Brick and 1 MortarIcon Mortar

Crude Vs Polished Brick Wall Edit

Polished Edit

Crude Edit

  • Breakdown: 5ClayIcon clay, 5WaterIcon water, 5StrawIcon straw, 5LogIcon Log
  • The polished brick wall's inbred cousin

Other Walls Edit

The DryStoneWallIcon Dry Stone Wall is much cheaper at 5 StoneIcon stone per and maybe on par with the crude brick wall.

Addendum Edit

Walls can be stacked five time max.