Here are all the dead bugs. Rest in pieces.

Version 3 bugs
Bug Description Resolved? Pointed out by
Teleporting Logs If you construct a building in Tree-soil, and if a robot plants a tree right where the building is, then, when the Tree is chopped down, the logs can't be picked up by robots, but if you pick it up, no matter where you are, you will recieve the log into your hand. Yes (v5) SoreEarth
Tree Through Floors Trees are able to grow through Simple Floors and when broken, can cause another glitch. Yes (v5) Gome
Clay Furnace Texture When a save is loaded in with a clay furnace on it, the texture will appear to be neon pink. Yes (v4) SoreEarth
Click Jump or

Trigger Happy

Clicking fast while going somewhere makes your player run faster. Yes (v4) Shadoweng01
Water walk If a blueprint is over water, you can walk over the blueprint. Yes (v4) Jamester07
Bot Repeat Bug When told to repeat an action untill hands are full, sometimes they will only carry one at a time. Yes (v4) Unknown
Storage Cap not enforced When filling a general storage (with bots), the crate stores over 1000, the stated limit. Also applies to fertiliser storage. Yes (v5) Hackwood