Cereal is a raw resource which can be used to create food to feed the folk. Setting up a production chain involving cereal is usually something which happens later in playing the game, as it requires several other resources and materials and uses quite a bit of automation.

Harvesting Methods Edit

Cereal can be harvested from a cereal crop tile by using either a sickle or a scythe. The harvesting action creates a weeded soil tile which must be either turned into soil with fertiliser or planted shortly afterward with cereal seed in order to grow more cereal. If you don't replant quickly enough, weeds will grow and must be removed before planting. Weeds can used to produce string for certain tools and clothing, but you can add fertiliser to prevent further weeds from growing on that tile.

Uses Edit

See also Cereal Usage

There are two items which are produced with Cereal:

Both of them are made at the same time when a threshing machine is used, or only cereal seed is produced when a flail is used to strike cereal.

Game History Edit

The ability to perform threshing with a flail was introduced in version 5 "Drew".