Cereal Crop is a tile that can be found around the map. The crop can be used for many things, such as food for satisfying the folk. The cereal crop tiles are found in big patches surrounded by weeds.

Spawned Objects Edit

While not something directly seen as an object by players, cereal crop tiles have a cereal crop object which appears in the save file and is linked to this tile. As they are growing, this object will change colors and rise up as a sort of animation in the game until it reaches its full height.

Resources Edit

The only resource on a cereal crop tile is CerealIconcereal, which can be harvested with either a scythe or a sickle. This in turn will transform the tile into weeded soil. If nothing else is done to this tile, it will turn into weeds after about a minute. Planting cereal seed onto the weeded soil will turn it back into a cereal crop tile.

This is the first step in building a cereal farm, which is a necessary part of building several production chains to make food.

Technical Details Edit

The actual map tile that the cereal crop object grows upon when the game is generated is the weeded soil type type and appears that way in the save file. When player actions to fertilize and till the soil with a hoe occur, the internal code for the tile changes but it still says "cereal crop" as a caption on the map.