A Compost Bin is one of the storage buildings and is used both for the manufacturing of fertiliser and for its storage. To manufacture fertiliser in one of these buildings, you need to use dung from a cow and add that dung into this building where it will instantly turn into fertiliser.

Size Edit

When placing the blueprint for this building, the following area must be cleared of all objects, items, and buildings:

solid  input  output

Recipe Edit

You can construct a CompostBinIcon Compost Bin by adding the following to its blueprint:

Usage Edit

In order to use a compost bin, dung must be added, which is usually found on grass tiles. If cows are not producing dung, they likely need to have a bucket used on the cow to collect milk before they start producing dung again. If dung is not added within two minutes after the cow has produced it, the dung will despawn.

The products of a compost bin as a manufacturing location are as follows:

History Edit

Compost Bins used to be called a Fertilizer Storage. This changed in an unknown version.