A Cow is a kind of animal which is usually found on grass tiles eating the grass.

Products Edit

Cows produce the following items:

  • DungIcon Dung - Dung is produced by a cow after they eat 10 tiles of grass, when they flip upside down and drop a piece of dung.
  • MilkIcon Milk - After leaving behind 4 pieces of dung, a cow will have its shape change to be fat with a milk bottle icon flashing above their head. When this happens, a wooden bucket must be used to extract the milk from the cow or it will stop eating and will produce no more dung until after the bucket has been used. The milk may then be used directly as a material for other items or be placed in a milk storage building.

History Edit

In previous versions of the game, cows would also eat straw and cereal if not contained behind fencing.