A Crude Axe is one of the first tools that you would need to manufacture to gather resources needed to make various items in the game. As an axe, it can be used to harvest logs and turn logs into planks and poles.

Recipe Edit

You can make a CrudeAxeIcon Crude Axe with:

This is made by holding one of these items and then attempting to grab the other item on the ground.

Products Edit

See also Crude Axe Usage

A Crude Axe makes the following items:

  • LogIcon Log when used on a tree
  • PlankIcon Plank when used directly upon a log, yielding two planks
  • PoleIcon Pole when used directly upon a plank, yielding two poles

While it is possible to turn logs into planks and poles, it is strongly recommended to create a bench saw instead and only use this tool to gather those materials (including four planks) to create that saw.

History Edit

Crude Axe-0

When originally introduced in the game, a crude axe was depicted as a single bitted axe, but now it is a doubled bitted axe. This only changed the visual appearance of the axe. This change happened in an unknown version.