A Crude Bench Saw is a building used to process logs and planks into other resources. The crude bench saw is more efficient at making these items than an axe but not as efficient as a Bench Saw.

Size Edit

When placing the blueprint for this building, the following area must be cleared of all objects, items, and buildings, except for the required Simple Flooring:

solid  input  output

Recipe Edit

You can construct a CrudeBenchSawIcon Crude Bench Saw by adding the following to its blueprint:

Products Edit

See also Crude Bench Saw Usage

The following items can be made with a crude bench saw:

  • 4 PlankIcon Planks from each log
  • 4 PoleIcon Poles from each plank

History Edit


When the crude bench saw was originally introduced in Version 1 "Anon", the name of this building was simply called a Bench Saw. There also was no stone in its blueprint recipe. The name changed to be a Crude Bench Saw in Version 2 ("Abby").