The Crude Mortar Mixer is used to create MortarIcon Mortar which is only used in the crafting recipe for BrickWallIcon Brick Wall. To make mortar with the mixer, one SandIcon Sand, WaterIcon Water, and ClayIcon Clay are needed.

I recommend putting the mixer on the shore close of where you spawn bordering the clay deposit for maximum utilization of the convenient placement of resources.

Otherwise, if you already have a water, sand, and or a clay storage, I would recommend moving them near your mixer.

Also, the mixer is unlocked by completing the Stir Research Center Stir Research Center objective.

Recipe Edit

You can construct a CrudeMortarMixerIcon Crude Mortar Mixer by adding the following to its blueprint:

Size Edit

When placing the blueprint for this building, the following area must be cleared of all objects, items, and buildings, except for the required Simple Flooring:

solid  input  output