A Crude Workerbot is one of the workerbots that is the easiest to build in the game in terms of previous buildings and items that must be constructed. All that needs to be built previously is a basic workbench and a worker assembler, although a crude bench saw is highly recommended. Note that this bot is slower and has less memory for programming compared to other workerbots.

Recipe Edit

In a WorkerAssemblyIcon Worker Assembler, you can make a CrudeWorkerbotIcon Crude Workerbot by adding:

Recharging Edit

A crude workerbot is powered by a spring that requires it to be rewound in order to keep the workerbot running. When a crude workerbot runs out of energy, either a player or another workerbot simply needs to move to the workerbot and try to pick it up by giving it a good shake. This can be done by simply clicking on the workerbot. It will then continue onto the next instruction in its memory.