Dung, also known as Cow Dung, Cow Pies, or Cow Manure is one of the raw resources used in the manufacturing of fertiliser. It cannot be stored in a general storage container, but instead must be put into a compost bin where it is changed into fertiliser for use elsewhere in the game. As an item by itself, the only use is to turn it into fertiliser.

Harvesting Methods Edit

Dung is produced as a by-product of a cow eating grass. After a cow has eaten about ten grass tiles, it will jump up into the air doing a flip and produce a piece of dung. This can then be picked up and placed in a compost bin.

It is important to note that cows also over time produce milk, and they stop grazing grass until you or a workerbot takes the milk from the cow with a wooden bucket. This can stop production of dung and may halt other production chains which need fertilizer until the cows are milked.

Dung will also despawn after two minutes if it isn't collected.

Uses Edit

The only use of dung is making fertiliser.