Fertiliser is a refined resource which is created from dung in a compost bin. When the dung is added to the compost bin, it is instantly turned into fertiliser. The compost bin also acts as a storage building for fertiliser, which can store 100 pieces of fertiliser before it is full.

Recipe Edit

In a CompostBinIcon Compost Bin, you can make a FertiliserIcon Fertiliser by adding 1 x DungIcon Dung.

Uses Edit

See also Fertiliser Usage

Fertiliser has three uses:

  • Making SeedlingIcon Seedlings -- A seedling tray takes 5 pieces of fertiliser and 15 tree seeds to make 15 seedlings. The advantage of going through this process and obtaining fertiliser for this is that seedlings grow about twice as fast into full sized trees ready to harvest again than is the case of simply planing tree seeds into a tree seed hole.
  • Removing WeedsIcon Weeds -- When a cereal crop tile is harvested, it turns into weeded soil which in turn may turn into weeds if it is not immediately replanted with cereal seed. To prevent those weeds from coming back, the weeded soil can be turned into ordinary soil by applying a piece of fertiliser onto that tile.
  • Growing Flower Flowers -- By adding fertiliser to FlowerPotIcon Flower Pot with FlowerSeedIcon Flower Seeds in it, flowers can be grown.