For a guide on taking care of folk, see also the Folk Guide.

Folk are a special kind of object which have needs and act as consumers of various resources and especially food to keep your workerbots busy.

Naming Edit

Each one of the folk has a unique name associated with them. When one of the folk are placed in a hut, that hut also obtains the name of that particular folk until they are picked up.

The names themselves are also the nicknames and names of some of the early financial backers and supporters of the game with Denki Games or have some sort of special relationship with the developers as a sort of perk.

Global Happiness Indicator Edit


The happiness indicator in the top-left corner of the screen shows you how many folk you have housed and their average happiness. Individual folk are either fully happy or fully unhappy based on whether all their needs have been met or not. The various indicator states are shown to the right.

Housing Edit

Folk require some place to live, and there are two different kinds of homes currently in the game:

The first time that one of the folk have been placed at a hut, they are happy for 60 seconds before they start demanding other needs.

Feeding Edit

The folk will be full for a number of seconds depending on the food:

Food Satiation (seconds)
ApplePieIcon Apple Pie 120
CookedFishIcon Cooked Fish 120
CrudeBreadIcon Crude Bread 90
MilkyPorridgeIcon Milky Porridge 60
AppleIcon Apple 60
WateryPorridgeIcon Watery Porridge 40
MushroomSoupIcon Mushroom Soup 40
BerriesIcon Berries 20
MilkIcon Milk 20
WaterIcon Water 10

Click on a hungry folk while holding food to feed them.

Cleaning Edit

After the folk have been placed at a hut, they need various kinds of care to keep them clean.

Sweeping Edit

All food items except milk and water are messy and produce crumbs when eaten; these can be cleaned up with a besom broom. The crumbs do not currently make the folk unhappy. Since crumbs do not despawn, they will pile up if left uncleaned.

Bathing Edit

After eating two messy foods, folk and any clothes they are wearing get messy and making them need a bath. Before bathing folk, you must remove any clothes they are wearing with a basket. Move the messy folk into a crude wash tub filled with water and then return them to an empty hut. Dirty clothes can be washed in a tub and hung on a clothes line to dry out completely before they can be worn again by folk.

Dishes Edit

After eating dishes created with clay pots, Folk will throw the now-dirty clay pot to an adjacent tile. Like crumbs, the clay pots accumulate over time (though they do not make the folk unhappy). To deal with the dirty pots, you can clean them in a wash tub (enabling reuse), recycle them (producing a raw clay pot and a plank), or incinerate them (to destroy the pot completely).

Clothing Edit

Any piece of clothing may be given to folk for them to wear. As of version 21.2, the folk do not have a clothing need. In the future, a lack of clothing might lead them to complain that they are too cold with a snowflake icon above their head.

History Edit

As the focus of the game, there have been many changes in terms of the needs of the folk, but their general appearance has remained largely the same in every version.