Food is a kind of item which is used to satisfy one of several needs of folk. When a folk is hungry, they have a hungry icon above their head in a thought bubble, which indicates they need to be fed some sort of food. Take any food item to that folk and then right click on them to satisfy their hunger need. If you offer something to them which they won't eat, a green icon will appear showing they refuse to eat the food. The folk will not eat raw finished food items.

Satiation Edit

The folk will be happy and full for a number of seconds depending on the food quality.

Food Satiation (seconds)
ApplePieIcon Apple Pie 120
CookedFishIcon Cooked Fish 120
CrudeBreadIcon Crude Bread 90
MilkyPorridgeIcon Milky Porridge 60
AppleIcon Apple 60
WateryPorridgeIcon Watery Porridge 40
MushroomSoupIcon Mushroom Soup 40
BerriesIcon Berries 20
MilkIcon Milk 20
WaterIcon Water 10

All food items except milk and water will produce crumbs when eaten and cause the folk eating the item to get messy every other time.