General Storage buildings are a kind of storage building which is used to hold nearly every kind of item, tool and food in the game. It is usually one of the most commonly used buildings. The only items which won't be used with a general storage building instead have specialty storage buildings intended just for that item, including seedlings, fertiliser, sand, liquids, and workerbots.

Claiming Edit

Until an item has been placed within the general storage, the storage unit is unclaimed: it does not provide any items, and it can accept any item. Inserting an item claims the storage unit for that item. When the item is placed into the storage building, the storage becomes claimed to that respective item. Until the storage is deleted using the trash can icon in the edit menu, you cannot store any other item. Only more of the same item can be placed in the same claimed general storage building.

Storage Edit

Each general storage can typically hold up to 100 of each resource for which it is claimed. Some resources can only fit 10 per building, see Storage_Buildings#Capacity.

All storage buildings for the same resource are connected: they share a common pool of resources with capacity equal to the total capacity of all units, and items placed into one storage unit may be freely extracted from any other unit on the map. Thus, production and consumption of any resource can be done at great distances apart, and spare storage can be located anywhere.

Recipe Edit

You can construct a GeneralStorageIcon General Storage by adding 4 x PlankIcon Plank to its blueprint.

Size Edit

When placing the blueprint for this building, the following area must be cleared of all objects, items, and buildings, except for the optional Simple Flooring:

solid  input  output

History Edit

General Storage

When general storage buildings were first introduced into the game, they held 1000 items for each building instead of the 100 or 10 that is the case now. The physical appearance of the building also changed in Version 5 ("Drew") to have the item icon on the top of the building instead of on the side. Also of note is that when general storage buildings became empty, it became unassigned and could be used to store another kind of item.