A refined resource is produced at a Building.

Item Made At Ingredients Quantity Notes
Beacon Worker Assembler 4 Metal Plate
4 Metal Pole
1 Used to set search radius when Teaching Workers.

Can be moved without breaking worker instructions.

Cereal Seed Threshing Machine 1 Cereal 2 No current benefit to keeping Cereal, so process it all into seeds.
Charcoal Clay Furnace 2 Log 1 Used as fuel in metal production.
Clay Pot Clay Furnace 2 Clay
1 Plank
1 Used to make porridges
Crude Data Storage Worker Assembler 1 Plank
1 Metal Plate
1 Placing it into a bot's inventory will unlock the save and load icons in the Bot Brain Panel. This allows saving all the instructions on the bot or replacing instructions with the ones stored on the disk.
Crude Gear Basic Workbench 1 Plank 1 Skip making Crude Workerbots with this and go straight to making Gears (listed below) and Basic Workerbots.
Crude Wheel
Wood Router 1 Plank 1 Used in making a Crude Scooter.
Fertiliser Fertiliser Storage 1 Dung 1 Used to turn Soil into Tilled Soil.

Used to turn Tree Seeds into Seedlings.

Flour Windmill 2 Cereal 1 Used to make Crude Bread (best food).
Flower Pot Clay Furnace 4 Clay 1 Requires
1 Fertiliser
1 Flower Seeds

Has 4 phases:
Germination (1 sec)
Growing (10 sec)
Grown (120 sec)
Dying (20 sec)

If watered using a Watering Can when in the Dying phase it will reset it to Grown.

If the Dying phase completes, the flower will disappear and the pot will just contain the seed (needs another fertilizer to start growing again).

Gear Wood Router 1 Plank 1 This is a key ingredient in making Basic Workerbots.
Screenshot 79
Clay Furnace 1 Charcoal
1 Metal Ore
1 Used to make many different kinds of metal products.
Metal Gear Metal Workbench 2 Metal 1 Used to make Steam Bots.
Screenshot 80
Metal Plate
Metal Workbench 2 Metal 1 Used to make metal tools and advanced buildings.
Screenshot 81
Metal Pole
Metal Workbench 1 Metal 1 Used to make Beacons.
Screenshot 82
Metal Saw Blade
Metal Workbench 2 Metal
1 Stone
1 A key ingredient in building a Bench Saw.
Screenshot 77
Crude Bench Saw 1 Log 4 Use a Bench Saw as soon as you can!
Bench Saw 6
Pole Crude Bench Saw 1 Plank 4 Use a Bench Saw as soon as you can!
Bench Saw 6
Seedling Seedling Tray 15 Tree Seed
5 Fertiliser
15 Planted seedlings grow into a Pine Tree 4x faster than just planting Tree Seeds.
Straw Threshing Machine 1 Cereal 2 Used to make hats in a threshing machine. Also used to make Crude Bricks (Raw) in a Clay Station.
String String Maker 2 Weeds (Dug) 1 Used to make Fishing Rod.
Wool Spinning Wheel 1 Fleece 1 Used in making Clothes at a Rocking Chair