A Log is a raw resource. Naturally spawning, it can be found in forests. Logs or wooden products are used directly or indirectly in the production of most things in the game, so automating their production early (with workerbots) is beneficial.

Harvesting methods Edit

Two methods exist to obtain logs:

  • Naturally spawned logs on the map. These are always found on tree soil tiles, and may possibly be hidden behind some trees obscuring their view. Compared to the number needed even when starting out, you will likely exhaust all of the nearby logs that you can find though.
  • Using an axe on a tree.

Once a tree is harvested, that tree is removed from the map. You must plant a tree seed, a seedling, or an apple in a Tree Seed Hole in order to grow a new tree.

Uses Edit

See also Log Usage

Logs are used directly for the following items:

History Edit

Logs became naturally spawned on tree soil tiles in Version 2 ("Abby").