Metal Deposits are a type of tile used primarily to obtain metal ore, although stone can also be obtained on this tile.

Resources Edit

The following resources can be found in metal deposits:

Using a Pickaxe, the Autonaut and his Workerbots can mine the metal deposit to get 1 Metal Ore per mining cycle about 50% of the time. Alternatively, if a metal ore isn't obtained, it will instead be a stone.

Objects Edit

Also found on metal deposits are boulders, which can also be mined for metal ore and stone.

Productivity Edit

The productivity of mining on a metal deposit is as follows:

Mining Productivity
Mining Method Duration
Metal Deposit Tile 12 Strikes (4.5 seconds)
Boulder 4 Strikes (1.5 seconds)

This makes mining faster by mining from a boulder rather than directly from the metal deposit tiles. A difference though with mining from a boulder is that a workerbot mining from a boulder will keep mining with infinite stacks of metal ore piling up around the boulder unless its program has some instruction to keep it from mining (like a full storage container). When mining on metal deposits, however, a workerbot will stop if every tile in its radius is currently covered with a piece of metal ore.