Milk is one of the raw resources used in the production of food. As a liquid, it has a unique storage building in the form of a milk storage building.

Harvesting Methods Edit

Milk is harvested from cows when a milk bottle icon MilkIcon appears above the head of a cow, indicating that they are full of milk. When this happens, a workerbot or the player can use a wooden bucket directly on the cow to receive a bucket full of milk. This can be used directly in a recipe or be put into a milk storage building for later use.

It is important to note that if the milk storage building becomes full, it can halt the harvesting of more milk. This is a complication so far as cows, if not milked, will also stop producing dung, which in turn can stop the production of fertiliser. Ensure that there is a sufficient number of milk storage buildings where additional buildings may need to be built at least temporarily until the milk supply can be consumed in various ways.

Uses Edit

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Milk is used for the following items: