Controls Edit

Use a combination of mouse and keyboard:

  • WASD or SHIFT+RMB to pan the camera.
  • Mousewheel zooms the camera in and out.
  • LMB tells your Autonaut where to go and what to interact with. If used on a tile with an item, your Autonaut will pick the item up.
  • RMB drops held items or adds held items to blueprint requirements.
  • Space blows your whistle to get the attention of workerbots.
  • I opens your inventory: shown is what your Autonaut is currently holding, and what your Autonaut is storing; you can drag and drop objects between slots - and even trade with your workerbots.
  • , and . (< and >) cycle forwards and backwards through your inventory (to swap the item in your hands).
  • / or Q stows the held item (assuming there's space in your inventory) so you can use your empty hands for other tasks.
  • Z uses the object in your hands (for certain objects, like signs, beacons, and baskets)
  • E brings up the Edit Menu, where you choose which blueprint(s) to begin gathering resources for; note that some things can only be built on flooring.
    • R rotates building blueprints clockwise so you can choose which way they face.
    • RMB deletes a blueprint; DEL (fn-backspace on Mac) allows you to delete buildings once built (but only while in Edit Mode).
  • Esc pauses the game and brings up the Pause Menu, from where you can save and load progress.

Getting Started Edit

Here is a quick guide on how to get you started:

  1. Pick up a stick, then click on a stone while holding a stick to build a crude axe.
  2. Chop down some trees.
  3. Go to the Edit Menu (E) and select the Simple Flooring blueprint and place two of them down side by side.
  4. Build the Simple Flooring by putting logs into it.
  5. Call up the Edit Menu again and select Crude Bench Saw blueprint; place one on the built flooring.
  6. Build the Crude Bench Saw by putting logs, planks and a stone into it (use your axe to chop logs to make planks and explore to find stones lying around - you can also get stone by mining metal deposits with a pickaxe).
  7. Add a Worker Assembler blueprint (which doesn't need to be on the Simple Flooring).
  8. Use the Crude Bench Saw to make planks and poles for the Worker Assembler.
  9. Add a Basic Workbench blueprint (you might need more Simple Flooring) and build it.
  10. Click the Basic Workbench and change its output to crude gear.
  11. Stick a plank into the Basic Workbench to get the crude gear out.
  12. Add the crude gear to the Worker Assembler along with planks and poles to make your first workerbot.
  13. Press Space to whistle and then click on your workerbot to select it.
  14. Click 'Teach', then chop down a tree yourself, click 'Repeat', and then click 'Go' to save your training.
  15. Click 'Trade' and put an axe into its hand (one of the top-left slots).
  16. Sit back and enjoy watching your workerbot chop trees forever (well, until its axe breaks).
  17. Now automate everything else!

Resource Matrix Edit

All the resources in one handy list – detail the combinations that make up complex resources.