On windows, the save file is located at:


You can access it easily by typing into Windows start


then go back one file, then click LocalLow , then Denki, then Autonauts.

Pre-Version 5 files will just be named "test.txt" as there was only one save file, and that was its default name.

Tampering with Save Files Edit

It is not recommended to tamper with the save files directly. If you want to make or edit a file, try using John Game's Editor. as a person who tried making a autonauts save file, the saving method seems a little odd, but maybe that's just me and i do dumb algorithms :/

Format Edit

The Save File Format goes as follows:

{"Version":"[VERSION]","External":[see #1 @ bottom],"CameraDistance":[zoomlevel] "CameraX":[cameraXpos],"CameraZ":[cameraZpos], "Tiles":{[see #2 @ bottom]], "TileExtra"[ [see #3 @ bottom] ]}

#1: I don't know what exactly this means. It appears to be usually 0.

#2 the format is a number from 0-19, a comma, and repeat that for every tile in the game. For tile IDs, refer to this page.

#3 its mostly split between 3 parts: x and y coords (unknown what they mean), a group or 0's and 1's(unknown again), then objects such as cows, fences, storage and how much, etc.