A Seedling is a processed tree seed found in a seedling tray. Seedlings are then subsequently placed in a tree seed hole in order to grow new pine trees on tree soil. The primary advantage of seedlings is that when used to plant new trees instead of directly using a tree seeds is that the new trees planted grow into full sized trees in half of the time, thus making more productive use of a forest and having the tree harvesting area use a smaller footprint.

Seedlings are unusual as the building where they are manufactured is also their storage building. Up to 150 seedlings can be stored in each seedling tray, which is unusual compared to other storage buildings.

Recipe Edit

In a SeedlingTrayIcon Seedling Tray, you can make 15 x SeedlingIcon Seedling by adding:

The produced seedlings are automatically stored in the seedling tray when this recipe is complete.

Uses Edit

Seedlings create the following item: