Special Buildings are a collection of highly specialized buildings that don't really fit nicely into any other category. It includes two houses for folk, a factory for workerbots, and the ability to destroy items that may be in over abundance.

Special Building Types Edit

Special buildings include the following:

  • CrudeHutIconCrude Hut - A place to house folk and provide for their needs
  • Crude Brick Hut - A slightly fancier place than an ordinary crude hut that doesn't offer any additional benefits but is intended for folk.
  • Incinerator - A building that simply destroys items of all types.
  • RecyclerIconRecycler - Where excess items can be pulled apart into their constituent components for recycling. This building doesn't return all of the materials used to make these items, however.
  • WorkerAssemblyIconWorker Assembler - The building where workerbots are actually manufactured