A Threshing Machine is a type of food building which is used to process cereal into refined resources. Unlike most manufacturing or processing buildings, each time this building operates it produces two kinds of items, namely cereal seed and straw at the same time. Cereal may also be processed with a flail to produce seeds, but straw may only be obtained from a threshing machine.

Size Edit

When placing the blueprint for this building, the following area must be cleared of all objects, items, and buildings:

solid  input  output

Recipe Edit

You can construct a ThreshingMachineIcon Threshing Machine by adding the following to its blueprint:

Products Edit

See also Threshing Machine Usage

Products made by a threshing machine include the following:

History Edit

When the threshing machine was originally introduced, it was called a Seed Machine. It also produced no straw as a product but instead only cereal seed. It received its current name and produced straw in Version 5 ("Drew").