A Tree Seed (sometimes called an Acorn because of its shape and appearance in the game) is an item which can be used to to plant new pine trees. This can be put into general storage or collected in a seedling tray for eventual planting. There are no other uses for a Tree Seed.

Harvesting Methods Edit

Tree Seeds are harvested from trees when they are chopped down with an axe. When a tree is harvested, between zero and four tree seeds will appear next to the log. It is possible that several trees can be harvested and no tree seeds will appear, but on the whole more tree seeds than logs are usually generated with harvesting.

Uses Edit

Tree seeds can be directly planted in tree soil after a hole has been dug with a shovel, or it can be turned into a seedling in a seedling tray together with some fertiliser from a compost bin. When a tree seed is planted in tree soil directly instead of using a seedling, it takes twice as long to grow compared to a seedling.

Despawning Edit

After cutting down a tree, the resulting tree seed(s) will despawn after 120 seconds unless they are picked up by the player or a workerbot.

History Edit


In Version 2 "Abby", if a tree seed was directly planted in tree soil instead of put first into a seedling tray, a miniature version of the tree would grow instead. When harvested with an axe, this tree would produce a pole instead of a log. This behavior was removed in Version 3 "Brad" and instead has its current behavior.