Tree Soil is a tile where you can find trees of various kinds. The most important resource to be found on this tile is a log, which is in turn the most widely used resource in the game.

Spawned Objects Edit

There are two kinds of things which are naturally spawned on tree tiles:

Also found on tiles immediately adjacent to tree soil tiles are usually sticks in comparatively large numbers for naturally spawned items.

Resources Edit

Several imporant resources can be obtained from tree soil:

Logs on this map can be harvested by using an axe on a tree. This also creates between zero and four TreeSeedIcontree seeds and apples, depending on what tree you are chopping down. Note that it is possible to chop down a tree without getting any sort of seed.

Tree tiles without items or objects can use a shovel to turn the tree soil into a tree seed hole. While nominally another tile type, this is not something which automatically appears until a player or a workerbot has performed this digging action with a shovel.

The tree soil hole in turn can have either a seedling, a tree seed, or an apple put into the ground. Seedlings and tree seeds both eventually grow into pine trees, while apples turn into apple trees. It is through this process of digging a hole and planting the seeds that you can regenerate the forest which was created at the beginning of the game and create a tree farm for continued and ongoing supply of logs for use elsewhere.

In addition to chopping down trees for logs, you can also use a mallet on a pinetree to obtain a stick. This is important because there are several food items which require a steady supply of sticks beyond the ones that naturally spawn.

Apples can also be harvested from apple trees without chopping them down by using a mallet on them instead. This is especially useful to create a production chain needed to make apple pies.

Due to the comparatively large demand for logs and sticks along with the significant amount of land that a tree farm occupies, while it is possible to construct buildings on tree soil, it isn't recommended.