Weeded Soil is a kind of tile which does not appear normally on a map unless through the actions of a player or a workerbot. This can appear when either a cereal crop tile has been harvested with a scythe or a sickle as well as when a weeds tile has its weeds removed with a shovel. After about 40 seconds though, if left alone and no other actions are taken, it will turn into a weeds tile instead with a weeds object appearing on top of the tile as well as change color.

Resources Edit

While of itself weeded soil does not have any resources, it is used in the production of both weeds and cereal.

If left alone, it weeds will appear again. This is especially important if you want to make a weed farm in the production of string, as some automated harvesting of weeds may be needed to complete the full demand for string.

Alternatively, cereal seed may be directly planted on weeded soil, turning it into a cereal crop tile for sustained harvesting of cereal in a cereal farm.

It is recommended if the desire is to put a tile into production for a cereal farm though to use fertiliser on the tile, as that turns the tile type into a soil tile, which will not grow weeds. If a hoe is used on a soil tile, that in turn will become a tilled soil tile.

There is no current advantage to using a hoe for tilling the soil other than the general appearance of the resulting cereal crop object appearing on the map.

Also found on weeded soil is a pumpkin crop object, which can be harvested with sickle.

Technical Details Edit

While weeded soil does not appear at the beginning of the game, the internal information stored in the save file for a cereal crop tile is that of weeded soil, but with a cereal crop object on top. It doesn't actually change into another tile type unless it is either left fallow or fertiliser is added. If it is instead planted with seed, it will remain on the save file as weeded soil.