Weeds are one of the raw resources found in the game. They are found in a weeds tile, and are commonly removed from an areas where cereal is being grown. Weeds do have a use though, as they can be used to perform research to unlock the ability to make items with string.

Harvesting Methods Edit

Weeds can be harvested by using a shovel on a weeds tile. The tile after the weeds are removed is called weeded soil, which if left alone for about two minutes will grow back to become more weeds. If that is all that is desired, no further treatment of the soil is necessary. You can also harvest cereal from a cereal crop tile in order to expand the harvesting area for weeds if it is desired to increase production.

Weeded soil, however, needs to be treated with fertiliser if it is desired to halt growth of more weeds, such as is needed with cereal production areas.

Research Edit

Weeds are the item required in a Bash Research Station to engage in Bash Research. Consuming weeds at the station will unlock the Sring Maker, allowing the player or workerbots the ability to make string, which can in turn make several other items.

Uses Edit

Weeds are needed to make string, which has several other end products. This is, however, the only use for weeds in the game.